Why Business-as-usual will sink the CIO

The title of CIO has been around for around three decades, and many commentators have taken turns at suggesting that the three letters stand for various things, ranging from the positive, Chief Innovation Officer, to the negative, Career Is Over.
If I was going to take my turn at renaming the CIO title I would not come up with something as predictable but rather suggest that the CIO acronym needs to stand for “Continuous Improvement Opportunist” Continue reading Why Business-as-usual will sink the CIO

IT Sourcing: in or out?

The question of whether there is a trend towards more organisations insourcing their IT seems to be popping up a bit recently but I can confidently respond that the research data continues to show the opposite is true.

Outsourcing continues to grow at a much faster rate with the majority of Australian firms already outsourcing some or all of their IT.

Research shows at least 40 per cent of firms intend to outsource more and interest in offshoring is on the increase even in the public sector.

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Prosumers deliver the real future shock for CIOs

When the futurist Alvin Toffler introduced the notion of the ‘Prosumer’ in the early 1980s he said it was the “progressive blurring of the line that separates producer from consumer”.

Toffler described a new age of prosumption as the arrival of a new form of economic and political democracy, with self-determined work, labour autonomy and autonomous self-production. Of course his concept of prosumption was centred on consumers taking a more active role in the production of “mass customized” products, hence the name prosumer as a mix of producer and consumer.

While Toffler was thinking about new approaches to industry production he may not have realised just how disruptive the prosumers that he began to describe would eventually become during the digital age.

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Planning for Cloud Computing means preparing for outages

A video blog by Scott Stewart, Researcher and Industry Analyst, with the discussion being the recent Amazon outage and what it means for your cloud strategy.
Stay tuned for more video blogs coming!