What I do

Consulting without Experience is just that

My style of consulting and advisory:

  • Comes from having actually done it, delivered it, experienced it, succeeded at it, failed at it and learnt by doing it.
  • Goes beyond the academics of most consulting, and brings real pragmatic C-level experience and insights.
  • Uses common-sense approaches to avoid delivering verbose consultant-ware reports
  • Delivers appropriate, actionable and do-able, change roadmaps for People, Processes & Technology.
  • Delivers on C-level advisory backed by real C-level experience in areas such as: IT Strategy; Sourcing Strategy; ICT Organisational Redesign; Operating Model Design; Process Redesign; Job Redesign; Cloud Computing Strategy; Sourcing Governance; Organisational Change Management.

I specialise in transformational technology enablement, in particular: Cloud Computing Strategy; ICT Target Operating Model design and implementation; Strategic Sourcing and cloud services procurement; CIO advisory and ICT strategy.

The domains I specialise in are detailed below:

– Cloud Computing
Options analysis and cloud business cases through to supplier analysis, cloud contracts and cloud sourcing services
As a CIO I architected and executed on a cloud computing strategy that saw the organisation move their entire infrastructure services to a cloud-based delivery model. At Wilson HTM this involved a $16m cloud deal that in 2010 was considered to be one of the early adopters of cloud in the financial services market

– ICT Target Operating Model
Designing and implementing the most effective and appropriate Target Operating Model for the ICT organisation. Especially as a result of the impacts on the organisation from the cloud computing strategy.

– Strategic sourcing
This goes beyond the simplistic approach of “outsourcing what is isn’t core” but instead connecting the company’s operational base with its business strategy and aspirations. Also ensuring that the service delivery model is aligned with the business strategy but can help drive the strategy forward through technology enablement.

– CIO advisory
A key activity I perform is the ICT “Fit for Purpose” review that assesses the ICT organisation’s baseline readiness for the digital future. I advise a number of CIOs on a range of topics and issues that include ICT program assurance, ICT strategy, ICT readiness and vendor management.

I am a consultant that has ‘been there and done that’, I have been a Industry Analyst for Cloud Computing, a cloud consultant, a CIO, an IT leader and a Business leader.
As a result I am passionate about how organisations can exploit maximum business value from technology investments.

Keywords: CIO, CIO Matters, Scott Stewart, CIO Consulting

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